Patriarchy is dying but it’s gonna take a minute. Don’t get tired.

Don’t get burned out, because the bigger battle is yet to come.

Heather Jo Flores
4 min readJun 25, 2020


They’re trying to exhaust us. Don’t get tired.

Trump was SO mad that anybody would consider pulling down the statues of the patriarchs. Well, you know I definitely vote yes for taking ALL of them down. Yes, even Jesus.

If we want to create a sustainable culture on this planet, then we need to center non-human species as much as possible. Removing human images as a focal point in every park, church, and government building is such a tiny and wonderful place to start with that.

But I get it that the patriarchs are uncomfortable in this moment. Indeed, the POTUS acts exactly like an angry child, throwing tantrums, calling names, threatening violence. But if you stop blaming him and step back for a moment you can see that he is a perfect microcosm of the greater ill that is patriarchy in general. Donald Trump, and everything he represents, is the result of centuries of enabling, of “voting” for the lesser of evils, of ignoring the suffering of billions, of tolerating and turning a blind eye to violence, rape, abuse, oppression. Do we deserve him? Nobody does. Did we create him? Of course we did.

But a word of warning:

Don’t underestimate the resistance of the other patriarchs in this moment.

If you believe that voting will be enough to dismantle a carefully constructed, centuries-old and inconceivably powerful entity such as what I dub “patriarchy”, you might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. #justsayin

Notice how everybody is just SO EXCITED to get a(nother) rich, centrist, child-groping, sexual-harassing, neoliberal Boomer patriarch into that chair. Oh don’t worry — I’m sure he will put ALL those environmental protections right back in place…errr no actually, he won’t. Biden is no solution, and the fight is far from over.



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