Photo by Heather Jo Flores

This site is where I aggregate copies of all of my writing. I write on a range of topics, and had pieces scattered on blogs and social media sites all over the interwebs, as well as piled up in folders at my house. Here you will find memoir, essay, fiction, rants, poetry, songs, paintings, heaps of gorgeous garden pics, and how-to articles on gardening, writing, permaculture design, creative thinking, etc.

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Heather Jo Flores

A multimedia gallery of my original work

So much of what I offer y’all is words, please enjoy this exploration of the less-verbal persuasion. I grew these plants, made these paintings, arranged these moments, wrote, sang, and played guitar on these songs, and took all of these snapshots. I am honored that you’re here to share them and I hope you have a lovely visit. If you’d like a monthly loveletter with images and like these, and the stories that go with them, jump on my mailing list.

artwork by Heather Jo Flores
Heather Jo Flores

Heather Jo Flores


Farmer by day, writer by night. #foodnotlawns #permaculturewomen #freepermaculture. FREE online classes for people who love plants @heatherjoflores